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Tax Services: jupitertaxprep.com

We offer personal and business tax preparation and filing services. From the short form 1040, a complex 1040 filed by a self employed, the schedule C of a sole proprietorship, to the 1065, and 1120 filed by large businesses.

Focus: Tax Services

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Jupiter Tax Prep.com

Web Design & Development

At Ake47.com I design and maintain a website for a client. It is powered by the blogging software Wordpress. I keep this server software up to date and communicate with the client about its user interface. I check in frequently to keep the pages HTML, CSS and PHP code up to date and check on the MySQL database.

Focus: Wordpress Webdesign, PHP + HTML + CSS + MySQL

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Photography: Photos

I designed, developed and created the professional website at rogerake.com. I used the software Adobe Creative Suite 4; focusing on Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Focus: Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver

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roger ake.com

akedugan website

Javascript Photogallery: Akedugan.com

At akedugan.com I developed a Javascript based photogallery for a family's website. I based this photogallery on Galleria a JavaScript image gallery framework built on top of the jQuery library.

Focus: Javascript, Photogallery, jQuery, Open Source

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Activism Education: Birth Geek

I created and developed a wordpress powered website at birthgeek.com focusing in education and activism. I was heavily involved in the template PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML coding while I also contribute entries.

Focus: Activism, Education

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Birth Geek.com Website

kyledugan.es website

Localization: kyledugan.es

kyledugan.es is a site that I specialize in localization. In the computer realm this is placing websites from one language to another. I am fluent in English, Spanish and German. This site I maintain in Spanish and the domain is based out of Spain.

Focus: Localization; Spanish, English, German

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My Own Blog: Tarraguña Blog

Since 2007 I have maintained a blog. Over time I have gotten better at writing posts, titles, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and SEO. I write about technology, gadgets motherhood and everyting else going on in my life. Placing it out in the internets, maybe what I do will inspire someone else or just give them another idea on what to try to help their crying baby get to sleep or which tablet is best to buy for their situation.

Focus: Blogging and Writing

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Tarraguna Blog